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PostSubject: APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS   Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:38 pm

<NL> Recruiting for all future league of legends tournaments


-Summoner level 30
-Ranked ELO of at least 1200 in any category (Willing to bend the rules for exceptional players)
-No Raging
-No Quitting *Under any circumstances*
-Age Requirement 16+
-Must have ventrilo
-Must have an actively working mic

Recruitment Process

-Register @ http://clannl.nstars.org/forum.htm
-Apply for the clan VIA Application page
-Add shaftz in game for tryout
-We will give you a tryout to see how well you play the game, there will be many occasions that we may ask for you to play, the more games you play, the greater your chances are

Ventrilo Info

IP: Krypton.typefrag.com
Pass: titanium
I strongly *Hint* Suggest that you frequently stay on this vent, communicate with us, let us get to know you. The more frequent your on vent, the greater your chances will be to make the clan

Reasons for joining

1) We are a VERY active clan
2) We play to WIN and to have FUN
3) We are going to be climbing the league ladders in ranked premades
4) We are going to be registering in the upcoming league tournament *Date yet to be announced*

Please visit


For more information, Thanks Shaftz

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