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 Sean - Application

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PostSubject: Sean - Application   Sean - Application Icon_minitimeSat Oct 02, 2010 2:39 am

1. What is your In-Game Name?


2. What Heroes Do You Play? (Explain how you play every champion)

Amumu - I play Amumu always as an AOE tank/initiation. I mostly jungle with amumu except in rare circumstances. I am mostly found stacking sunfire capes and being the front runner in a team fight.

Annie - I play Annie as a nuker/AP. I early gank and farm like crazy on her. I am usually navigating the map unseen late game. I'm usually the Annie player that waits for enemy teams to become committed in a team fight before running in and dropping tibbers/stun AOEing at least 2-3 enemy champions.

Cho-gath - I play Cho'gath as a jungler AP/Tank depending upon the circumstances, if a jungler is needed, and if a tank is needed. AP is more fun, I've discovered I'm a better tank on this champion.

Dr. Mundo - I play Dr. Mundo as a tank mostly. I harass like crazy. I mostly play this champion in 3s.

Ezreal - I play Ezreal as a Physical late game carry. I usually am found farming redbuff every time it is up and doing high amounts of dmg. I aim for the squishiest enemy champion every time. I always have flash when I play ezreal. Double flash is absolutely OP.

Fiddlesticks - I play fiddlesticks as a jungler and as AP. I do not like playing this champion but sometimes the situation requires me to do, so I do so.

Gangplank - I play gangplank as critplank and as tankplank sometimes. I love to play this champion while 2v1ing a lane. I deny the opposing team XP and am always using my ultimate when available to assist my allies across the map.

Garren - I play garren like everybody else. Spin and win + sunfire capes Banshee veil. I actually find him incredibly boring, but I'll play him if needed/available.

Janna - I play Janna as a support/pusher. I keep lanes cleared and go AP/atk speed/cooldown reduction almost always but each situation is different. Sometimes I'm forced to pick Janna in a draft because the opposing team has an Amumu, Katarina, Gallio, Gangplank, Fiddlesticks, or something of that nature; I'm forced to break up their AOE. I've saved over 75% of games b/c of that. I'd be lying if I said 100% Sometimes I'll build Janna as an assasin/nuker with AP/Nashers. Other times I'll stack Aura items as needed. This is my mostly played champion in Ranked.

Morgana - I play Morgana as AP. I usually roll into a team fight after most disabling skills have been exhausted and I can target as many champions as possible with my ultimate.

Rammus - I play Rammus as a tank, especially if our opposing team is mostly physical DPS. I love to powerball/taunt gank and you'll be catching me doing so every opportunity. I sneaking on towers using my ULT. I find myself taking towers down fast while also having a great deal of escape-ability.

Ryze - I play Ryze as AP. I gank early on and play more on the aggressive side if the situation allows it. I usually wait until everyone's committed to a fight and then jump in with an ULT aoe hitting every champion in a team fight.

Shen - I play Shen as a tank. I babysit the team and am constantly looking across the map waiting to change a losing situation to a winning one. I often wait to shield people when the opposing team overextends themselves into a tower and then drop a shield after the opposing team feels they have the kill. Half the time that situation becomes a double-kill.

Singed - I play singed as AP/tank. I push lanes hardcore and attempt to lure enemies to bait. While doing so they're following me in poison and into brush; surprise there's my whole team. I am found taking towers down hardcore and chasing with Singed. Most champions won't get away.

Zilian - I play Zilian as an AP hit and run harasser. I find that Zilian often times can turn a game entirely. I mostly use his slow to disable an enemy champion for my team to gank.

My list of champions to learn in the near future are Vladimir, Sion, Kennan, and Malzahar.

3. Do You Have Access To Ventrilo and a Microphone?


4. What Are You Looking For by Joining Our Clan

Good games, competition, friends, learn other strategies, ranked games.

5. What Time Zone Are You In?

Pacific Time, California

6. Are You Looking For Casual or Ranked Play?

Ranked and Casual

7. Write a bit about yourself.

I am all about constructive criticism in League of Legends. I'm usually first to admit when I make a mistake that jeopardizes our team. I also could be the first to point out something that another player is doing that I find gives the enemy team a tactical advantage over ours. I play to win every single time. I'm never one to surrender under any circumstances, especially since I've been on a team that has tuned a game with only our nexus remaining with 200 health around entirely to end up winning. I would rather lose a 70 minute game and enjoy a long competitive game then win in 19 minutes. I do not mind losing at all, as long as it's not to stupid careless mistakes. I'm from Santa Barbara, CA and play LOL in my free time which averages out to be about 2 hours per day minimum.

[b]After You Have Posted, Please Go In Our Ventrilo:
IP: krypton.typefrag.com
Port: 22651
Pass: titanium

Put (Recruit) in your comment, and go to the League of Legends Channel.

Thank You

- HeAt

If you fail to follow these guidelines we have the right to remove your application, Thank you.
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Sean - Application
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