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 Clan Trainer (attempt)

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PostSubject: Clan Trainer (attempt)   Clan Trainer (attempt) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 20, 2010 6:21 pm

Leauge of Legends is a defend/offend turrent base game that requires teamwork from other players. Champions with unique abilites and ultimates.

First lets review the main classes:

Tank - Tanks are very useful in JUST taking damage. Ususally they get little to no kills, but skilled tanks can break a game just by standing thier looking pretty while taking damage. Good tanks are - Rammus, Alistar, Mordekaiser, Garen.

Mage - The power of the arcane and elements is strong that will blast enemys, YOu will see bars drop 1/2 thier health, but normally you cant do more after your cooldowns are down. Also, they are very weak against all tpes of attacks if built purely for magical damage. Good mages are - Ryze, Morgana, Hemierdinger.

Fighter - Also known as DPS, Go into physical damage. ITs by far the most damaging, but most risky style of fighting in this game. Although you can knock down a enemy, one stun and usually your done. Good fighters are Master Yi, Olaf, Warick.

Hybrids - These Hybrids make up for weakness in one triat in above for another trait. For example, Kayle. Kayle has the potential of all 3. Its usually to go smart with two, and commonly goes mage/fighter and a range. Examples: Kayle, Katriana, Urgot.

Side Types - These types are specialized in specials, for example warick is one of thee strongest in jungling, and hemierdinger is (or used) the best pusher in the gamer. These side types are sterotyped by alot of factors. Be careful and watch out and pay attention.

The most important thing about this game is teamwork, im sure many of you lose cause of a random player or soloing queues. Skill can also be a factor, balancing Skill and Teamwork is the perfect combo. Even if you think another player is wrong, at least you tried teamwork. Very rarely does one player stand out and finish a game.

There are no overpowered or broken champions, They may seem like that but they drop thier HP like anyone else and can die, just watch out in ranked and watch for champion you find most annoying and ban them.

Thank you for listening

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PostSubject: Re: Clan Trainer (attempt)   Clan Trainer (attempt) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 20, 2010 6:35 pm

Who be you troll !

Every Stamp will have a guide in the future !

Clan Trainer (attempt) PbucketClan Trainer (attempt) Pbucket
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Clan Trainer (attempt)
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