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 Reorganization of Clan Ranks [IMPORTANT]

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Reorganization of Clan Ranks [IMPORTANT] Empty
PostSubject: Reorganization of Clan Ranks [IMPORTANT]   Reorganization of Clan Ranks [IMPORTANT] Icon_minitimeThu Sep 09, 2010 5:21 pm

Good day everyone !

Today will be the second big change that will come to our clan, hopefully everyone will satisfied with the changes.

The leaders of the clan hold a meeting today and decided on a change in how the clan operates. Decision was made so that in the future there will be a lot less problems rising over such insignificant issues. As of this day we will remove the officer rank, with this we sincerely apologize to everyone that was an officer and has gotten this privilage taken away. However we did this in the good of all the clan members, because even if we didnt wanted to see it there has been problems regarding this simple rank.

We have also decided that there will be no more leader in this clan, instead there will be 3 co - leaders. Co - leaders will be those that founded this clan and that was me, heat and shafz. From this day on neither of us can decide anything unless the other two agree. Meaning decision will take longer however hopefully they will be more just.

As the reducement in officers will hit us, we will be overwhelmed with work for this clan. With this we have came to a decision to release important jobs in this clan such as recruiter, trainer etc. These jobs will basicly mean one thing, in the past there could have been an officer that didnt realy pull his weight when it came to dealing with the clan workload, now this problem will be gone. Anyone that will want to mean a bit more in this clan and will feel good helping to build this clan into a succesfull and competitive clan in the future, will recieve a new rank called "Honored Member". Unfortunately this will not give you any worldbreaking power in this clan - however you will be recognized as indeed a loyal and helping member and thus earning respect throughout our ranks. More informational detail will be released in another clan news article following this one.


Hopefully everyone will support us in the decision we made and enjoy the future days with the clan.

With regards,

Every Stamp will have a guide in the future !

Reorganization of Clan Ranks [IMPORTANT] PbucketReorganization of Clan Ranks [IMPORTANT] Pbucket
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Reorganization of Clan Ranks [IMPORTANT]
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